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Colossal Lump Crab

Colossal lump crab meat or sometime it also known as Mega Jumbo lump consist of the two largest lumps of unbroken muscle connected to the crab swimming legs. They are selected from the largest unbroken meat of the crabs. That’s why the crab meat should never be broken into pieces since it is priced for the large size that makes the dish looks more appealing. The large chunk in colossal lump is even bigger than jumbo lump crab meat. They are the largest lump grade among crab meat grades.
What is colossal lump crab?
Just like we already explained before, the colossal lump crab meat is picked from the connector muscles of the larger crab swimming fins. They have firm moist texture with delicate bright white appearance and incredible taste. The impressive large size of the colossal lump often makes people consider them as ‘King of the Crab Meat’.
When you want to make a recipe that focusing on the good looking appearance then certainty Colossal crab meat is your choice. You can use it to make crab cocktail or gourmet crab cakes. In conclusion, it is the best crab meat that perfect to make dish where the size of the large lump could really shine and not just as a side ingredient.
Colossal lump crab variety of product
Colossal lump crab supplier offers variety product consists of several types of colossal crab meat including fresh colossal, frozen colossal, unpasteurized and pasteurized colossal, etc. The colossal meat can be purchased either at fresh market or supermarket where you can find frozen and pasteurized crab meat.
The fresh colossal meat is what you called the best crab meat quality and nothing can beat the taste and texture of the meat in freshest condition. Although it is quite difficult to find freshest meat but you can also find fresh colossal lump crab already boiled or steamed and packed into plastic container or tub. The fresh lump meat is needs to be used quickly before they are spoilage because fresh lump has short shelf life.
If you cannot find fresh colossal meat then go frozen. There is nothing wrong by purchasing frozen colossal lump crab if it handled and stored properly. You can even get a chance to have freshest frozen lump crab that quick frozen after picked by hand from large crab. When you do not want to use the crab meat yet, you can store the frozen lump in the coldest part of the freezer until it is ready to be used. Unpasteurized frozen colossal crab meat can last for 3 months more or less in unopened condition. The frozen colossal is sealed in air tight plastic bag or wrap.
Pasteurized colossal crab meat is perfect choice for ready to eat lump meat product. It is perfect for simple dish that does not requires too much work. You can eat them straight out of a can. Pasteurized colossal meat is heated pressured with high temperature until they are free from the bacteria. After cooking and pasteurization process have been done, the crab meat will hermetically sealed inside cans or glass jar. Of course there is also pasteurized colossal lump crab that packed into air tight plastic bag.
When unopened and stored in the refrigerator, pasteurized crab meat can last about 6 to 12 months straight, even more. But, once you open the cover, you need to use them within 2 to 3 days because the crab meat will start to get spoil. One more note is that, never leave the lump meat in room temperature either when you buy fresh, frozen, or opened pasteurized crab meat. It is because the crab meat will rotten within few hours.
So, which one is the best to be used? If you want to cook simple dish that does not need further cooking then use pasteurized canned colossal crab meat. However, if you want to serve the best crab meat flavor then always go with the freshest crab meat. Frozen crab meat is also good option when you cannot find fresh lump crab meat. They are available year round and can be found easily at supermarkets including pasteurized canned crab meat.
Try to look for colossal lump crab meat in the market
Are you trying to look for cheap colossal lump crab meat in the market? Well, basically the colossal lump price is more expensive than other crab meat grades including jumbo lump, regular lump, and super lump. However, you can try to compare each colossal lump brands and take out the cheapest one or you can buy them when there is discount promo or with coupons.
However, when you want to buy colossal crab meat, you need to pay attention to their label. On the colossal package, you will find and spot certain label including the species of the crab. For your information, blue swimming crab is one of the most popular species caught to make colossal lump meat crab. This is important to find out what species of crab the colossal lump is as well as whether they are wildly caught or just harvested from crab framing. Please take this into considerations particularly when you plan to export colossal lump from other countries.
The second thing you should pay attention is about the grade of the lump crab meat. Check and just make sure that you really buy the true colossal crab meat and not other lump grades because people often like to mistake colossal with other lump grades when they are not being careful. There are other crab meat grades available in the market beside colossal crab meat such as:
-          Regular lump crab meat
-          Super lump crab meat
-          Jumbo lump crab meat
These also lump crab meat product, almost have similar texture and color of colossal crab meat but they are smaller than the colossal. So, when you go shopping for colossal lump crab, make sure that you pick the right one and not other lump grades about. But, due to the larger size of colossal lump, it has more expensive price than the three lump grades above.

Colossal Lump Crab

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