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Crab Export from India

Crab export from India to various countries such as United States, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. has become important transaction in the seafood industry. The mud crab for example, is top crab species sold widely by India crab suppliers across the country. Crab is also essential aquaculture object in India so the suppliers can be able to supply high market demand for some crab species. The crab farming has become culture in this country to make sure the population of wild caught crabs does not affected by over exploitation and harvesting thorough Indian coastal areas. Below is some information regarding crab product exported by India suppliers around the world.
Crab export from India
India is one of the top crab producers in the world with various products sold in the market domestically and internationally. The cheap crab export from India consists of several variety products including fresh crab, frozen crab, hard shell crab, soft shell crab, crab meats, and many more. The crabs are usually shipped via air cargo stored in container for fresh and alive crabs or special freezer with high temperature for products such as frozen whole crab and crab meats.
If you try to look for trusted crab export from India, then below are several products that likely you will find in the market such as:
1.      Fresh and live crab
The first export crab commodity from India is the fresh crab still in live condition. Since it is fresh, it is important for the India suppliers to deliver the crab with overnight shipping so the crab arrive at the customer places still in freshest and good condition. More importantly, the fresh and alive crab is supposed to be stored in such proper method to prevent shipping risk or damages that could possibly happen during the long trip. Fresh and live crab from India has been delivered to various customers including hotels, restaurants, facilities, and end customers.
2.      Frozen crab
Another crab product from India is the frozen crab that has been stored inside special freezer with high temperature to keep the freshness. Since the crab is stored into freezer, typically they have longer shelf life than the fresh live crab and thus they did not need to be delivered with overnight shipping unless the customers requested it. After the crab is harvested out of the ocean or crab farms, they are quick frozen and then exported immediately to various countries. The frozen crab includes frozen whole crab, frozen crab meat, and frozen soft shell crab.
3.      Hard shell crab and soft shell crab
Just like we already mentioned above, crab export from India sell two varieties of crab as well which are the hard shell and soft shell crab. They can be delivered in fresh and frozen condition. The hard shell crab is the regular crab while soft shell crab is in fact just ordinary crab that going through molting process. Both hard and soft shell crabs are pretty popular among customers.
4.      Crab meats
The crab meats are crab which already cut into pieces, the crab meat is taken from the body of the crab including their main body, legs, claws, and other area of the crab. The crab meats sold in fresh, frozen, unpasteurized, and pasteurized condition. There is a crab meat with shell and without shell. Crab meat without shell usually less expensive than the one with shell since it cut the shell removing process. Crab meats are preferred among customers who want to make simple dishes and do not have much time to clean and prepare a whole crab. Crab meat is divided into categories based on their qualities and sizes as well as where the crab meat is taken from.
Crab meat grades such as:
-          Colossal crab meat
-          Jumbo lump crab meat
-          Regular lump crab meat
-          Back fin crab meat
-          Special crab meat
-          Claw crab meat
Crab export from India suppliers usually transports their crab meat in plastic bag, cans, or containers. You can try to contact them if you want to order in a bulk some crab meat.
5.      Pasteurized crab meat
Pasteurized crab meat meaning that the meat is heated pressured with high temperature until they are free from the bacteria. Pasteurized crab meat is also popular crab export commodity not only from India but also other top crab producers as well. The pasteurized crab meat stored into plastic wrap/ bag and cans and then sold in less expensive press than a whole crab. Pasteurized crab meat has longer shelf life which can last for 6 months to 12 months more or less when unopened.
How to look for export from India dealers?
What you need to know about India suppliers and how to look trusted crab dealers from India? Let’s see several guides below:
1.      Find out where the supplier sourced the crab: is that wild caught crab or farmed one? If you like to buy wild caught only then it is important to know where the Indian suppliers take the crabs.
2.      How they guarantee to store the crabs still in good condition. Ask for some guarantee if the crab arrive in bad condition thus you can get your money back or the supplier will send you other good crab products.
3.      Make sure about the safety of the crab send by the suppliers. Make sure you order from Indian suppliers that have been certified by your country. Most of crab export from India suppliers needs to get some certification such as HACCP, FDA, and such as to ensure that the crab is safe and edible for the customers.
4.      If you want to get cheap crabs then try to ask for some discount. If you buy from wholesalers, usually you will get less expensive price when you order in a bulk and thus just ask for discounted price if you plan to order bulk.
Usually you can find trusted crab export from India on the internet or forums and index. You can try to look for suppliers that already run in the crab export business for quite long time.

Crab Export from India

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