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Crab Export Philippines

Philippine is one of the top crab producers in the world that sell various crab seafood products. The crab export Philippines offer affordable crab products and each year there are tons of crab exported from the Philippines to various country including America, Europe, and other Asian countries. The crab is shipped via air cargo and thus the crab is still in good condition when arriving at the customer’s place. The suppliers also need to get certification to ensure the safety of the crab products.

The crab export Philippines
Are you trying to look for crab export Philippines suppliers? If you want to export crab from Philippine then you can try to search from online forums, internet index, or other professional recommendations. However, there is certain things you should consider when you want to select trusted supplier from Philippines. Here are few guides to look for such as:
1.      Try to find wholesalers from Philippines on the internet
If it is your first time trying to look for suppliers from the Philippine then you may need some recommendation from trusted people. However, if you cannot find some recommendation do research instead. It needs quite a long time to compare and select trusted crab exporters, but it will be worth it once you can really find trusted crab export Philippines suppliers. What you should do?
-          Search for some crab suppliers from Philippines on forums or export index and it is better if you select supplier that already run in the business for quite a long time so you can see their track record when export the crabs for other customers.
-          Next, always try to look for suppliers that already certified by the regulators to ensure that their crab products edible and safe.
-          As exporter, there are many requirements which need to be completed so the suppliers can be able to deliver their crab products across the countries. In addition, the crab also needs to be inspected to make sure that the crab does not contaminated by harmful diseases or bacteria.
-          Professional suppliers usually have a site or website with the list of detailed product they sell. You can try to look for it and find some detail about the product of the crab.
2.      Find what variety of seafood the suppliers have to sell
After you select several cheap crab export Philippines then you also need to know what kind of variety of seafood suppliers they have to sell for the customers. You may want to search on their official site, however if on the website there is no detailed description regarding their product then try to contact the supplier directly. We also recommend that you always order from suppliers that can give you explanation about their crab products in detail.
3.      Their certification and sustainability
It is always important to find good suppliers that being responsible about sustainability of crabs and its environment. Good suppliers will always have sustainable harvesting method, source their crab from healthy environment, and care about the population of the crab by preventing over fishing or exploitation. Furthermore, certification is also about ensuring the safety of the crab that sold in the market by inspection. Reliable suppliers will always already certified meaning that their product can be trusted and safe to be consumed.
Variety of product sold by crab export Philippines supplier
Try to find out what variety of product sold by frozen or fresh crab export Philippines in the market. The most popular product is of course fresh and frozen crab in a whole. This is being delivered to many customers including facilities which going to use the crab for further process. Below is the description of variety of product sold by crab supplier from Philippine:
1.      Fresh live crab in a whole: Fresh live crab in a whole shipped via air cargo so the crab can arrive still in freshest condition. It is important for the customer to ask about the overnight shipping cost before you really order fresh whole crab because the cost can add expense when you export from them.
2.      Frozen crab in a whole: Another variation crab product is a crab in a whole frozen into freezer with special temperature to keep the freshness of the crab. Although they are frozen, but the seafood can be as good as fresh crab. Just pay attention that you do not buy frozen crab with the sign of ice burn or ice crystal because it means the frozen crab is not the freshest one.
3.      Crab meats: Crab meat is basically selected or taken from a whole crab and sold as a fresh, frozen, pasteurized and unpasteurized product. This meat categorized to be less expensive than crab in a whole. Crab meat categorized into several grades including colossal crab meat, jumbo lump crab meat, back fin, special, and claw crab meat. When buying crab meat, you should tell the supplier whether you want to buy crab meat packed inside plastic bag/ wrap, cans, or glass jar. It is always important to tell the supplier, even when you deal with cheap crab export Philippines to prevent misunderstanding.
In fact, there are so many variety of crab product sold by Philippines wholesalers or dealers. There are:
-          Soft shell crab
-          Pasteurized crab meat
-          Unpasteurized crab meat
-          Crab meat legs, etc.
This is why send your buyer’s quotation to the suppliers via e-mail about the list of crab product you want to order. In the buyer’s quotation you can give them the detail of desired crab seafood that you want to purchase including the amount, the species, storage specification, shipping method, and any information you want to tell the suppliers.
After that, the crab export Philippines dealers will send back supplier’s quotation with a list of crab stock they able to deliver to you, the price, shipping cost as well as other cost required, crab product description, guarantee, and so on. Always pay attention to the supplier’s quotation before you deal with the contract especially if the supplier does not have your desired product. This is why always try to find crab dealers more than one.

Crab Export Philippines

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