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Crab Export Business

Crab export business has emerges into one of the most important seafood trades in the world. Crab is always high in demand as local and international seafood commodity. They are sold in high prices and considered to be luxury dish as well. Crab harvested directly from both ocean waters and crab farm. Of course wild caught crabs are far more superior to the farmed crabs, however because of the high market demand; some of the countries also like to export farmed crabs. In the crab export transaction, the suppliers offer various crab products including fresh and live crab, fresh but dead crab, frozen crab, canned crab meat, and plastic packaged crab meat.
Crab export business various products
Crab has good export potential both for domestic and overseas market. It also creates opportunities farmers to gain profit from crab export business transaction. Crab aquaculture has been popularly managed by many crab farmers globally. There are so many commercial products for crabs that sold in the market such as:
1.      Fresh and live crabs
First, when you want to eat crab then buy them alive since nothing can’t beat the taste and texture of fresh live crabs especially when they are cooked. The fresh live crabs are caught out of the sea waters (although, there are also fresh and alive farmed crabs) and then they keep inside saltwater tanks. The fishermen will send them to the fresh seafood market or facilities for further process. You can find freshest live crabs on boat or fresh seafood market in reasonable price.
It is better to buy fresh crabs when they are still alive and you need to kill and clean then cook them immediately because fresh crab is quick to spoil. Never keep the fresh crabs more than two or three days because they are will rotten fast. As for fresh but dead crabs, you can find them at supermarket or grocery stores displayed on top of ice shelves to prevent them going spoilage. After the crabs are harvested, they are quickly frozen on boat and then sold as fresh crabs in the market.
Delivered fresh crabs as export commodities is one of a difficult jobs and the crab export business suppliers usually ship them via air cargo. The crabs need to be kept alive during the shipping trip and the suppliers need to make sure that they are not dead due to the long journey. This is why they need to ensure that the crabs get enough waters and moist temperature. In conclusion, it is much easier to ship frozen crabs than fresh crabs.
2.      Frozen crabs
When you cannot find fresh and live crabs then go frozen. Frozen crabs are available year round and they can be purchased anytime and anywhere. You can even buy them in big cities like supermarket or grocery stores. The price of the frozen crab export business is less expensive than freshest live crabs. They are usually sold and shipped as frozen crabs packed inside air vacuum plastic or container. The frozen crabs are mostly already cleaned and ready to be cooked. This is means you can cut preparing and cleaning time when cooking frozen crabs. When buying frozen crabs please pay attention to these particular signs:
·         Please do not buy frozen crabs which its packages torn or damaged.
·         Avoid buying frozen crabs with ice burn or ice crystal on the packages of the crab.
·         Do not buy frozen crabs when there are some body parts that are missing like their claws, etc.
·         If you smell the crabs and they have off putting odor or smell stink then do not buy it because it is mean they are already rotten.
·         Try to press the shell of the crabs, they should be hard frozen and so does the texture.
·         Do not buy frozen crabs if you spot any discoloration on the shell.
The advantage of selling frozen crabs in crab export business market is that you cannot only ship them via air cargo, but also trucks, boats, etc. meaning that less shipping cost.
3.      Canned and plastic packaged crab meat
Crabs are available in canned and plastic packaged meat as well. Meaning they are already cleaned and cuts into meats ready to be cooked. As for the crab meat, usually they are cooked or semi-cooked to prevent them getting spoilage. Canned crab meat is heat pressured or pasteurized to kill the bacteria and to lock their freshness till they are opened. The crab meats are less expensive than both fresh and frozen crab export import products. They are available year round and sold based on their quality of grades. Crab meats can varied from jumbo lump which is the most expensive one to the smaller flakes. Depending on the quality and the price, you can still enjoy the taste of crabs in these products especially when you want to make recipes like dips, soups, salads, and so on.
Crab fattening for export business
In the crab export business there is this practice called crab fattening in order to achieve desired weight and size before the crab is being sold in the international market. It is because weak and less weight crabs usually are not accepted and thus the producers need to make the crabs gain more weight and size. What is crab fattening anyway?
This involves practice by keeping crabs that recently molted which is also known as water crabs for 10 to 30 days in the cages till they are hard. The crabs are feed on daily with trash fish or meat until they are achieved desired size and weight. This type of activity has become very popular in Asian crab export business because of the high demand of large hard shell crabs for seafood restaurants especially the female one. Mud crab is particular type of crab species that likely to be gone through this special treatment.
With this important information you can tell how the practices of crab export business in the world and how to buy good crab seafood products according to their variety and qualities.

Crab Export Business

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